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(via DIY Herb Drying Rack | The Merrythought)

Painted Polka Dot Mug via Sincerely Kinsey
This polka dot mug is very easy to recreate and will look lovely with anything inside. As a bonus, the tutorial includes a link to a great gingerbread latte recipe!

Copper Dipped Milk Glass Vases via The Merrythought
Again with the copper and white. The look is so chic, and these look really easy to make.

How to: Build a Brilliant Bookshelf in 6 Steps
Make it Personal: add objects that are uniquely your own like art, decorative accessories, family photographs, postcards, or souvenirs from your travels. 
Don’t Go Overboard: give objects some breathing room so that each item can make its own impact. 
Beautify with Bookends: bookends are the perfect culmination of form & function. 
A Story on each Shelf: try applying a theme to each shelf to keep it visually interesting. Some of our favorite themes: travel destinations, fashion inspiration, and color (pictured above are gold, black, and silver). 
Clear the Clutter: store items you don’t want to display in decorative boxes or baskets. Try impressive Pietra Boxes. 
A Fashionable Finishing Touch: try incorporating items that define your style like a pair of your favorite heels, a vintage purse, or a piece of jewelry.

fresh & stylish living (via photo Eve Wilson | Vogue Living)

DIY Foral Skull Centerpiece | HonestlyYUM

Lucy Fenton’s Home | HonestlyWTF

Architecture & Interior Design Designer Shannon Connor, Indianapolis, IN. via Tumblr